October 2012

DIFFERENCE BETWEEN A GIRL AND A WOMAN: A girl knows how to demand. A woman knows how to contribute. Girls complain too often. A woman … Read More

SEX SEX SEX !!! Read dis n felt like sharing. Please read! Sex! Unlike what many people think, its not just an act. Its not just a pleasure thing. Believe … Read More

Lord. As I step out dis ♍õяйĩΏĝ I pray for grace and Mercy upon the life of the person am sending dis message to so at the end of the … Read More

 App : BB Smart Alarms Pro

BBSmart Alarms Pro is the most visually stunning, fully-featured, and powerful multi-alarm application available for the BlackBerry today.

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Am just wondering how people find it difficult to choose a life partner because God gives them the right to choose. If you were to choose your parents will you … Read More

The past does not have to be your prison :
You have a voice in your destiny..
You have a say in your life..
You have a choice in the … Read More

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I recall my Uncle telling me about a man in my Neighborhood who became popular for engaging in money rituals just to buy the 80’s edition of the Honda Prelude. … Read More

Real boys are getting busy investing on their future making money, Using most of their time thinking and getting ready for future.

Fake boys are swaging, … Read More

The reason God gives us common sense is for Him to rest at least for once. He rests on the seventh day. Don’t put everything you need to do physically … Read More