January 2015

Interview btwn a nigeria immigrant & d consular at d Embassy…..Interview Starts…

OFFICER:- what is your name?

MUZO:- M.P sir

OFFICER:- In full please

MUZO:- … Read More

Oluwa yio fi aanu yanju oro re loni, Oloore re yio si iwe iranti kan o. Agbara t' o gbe Israel de ipo nla, yio gbe o soke ninu odun … Read More


My life is like a Hollywood movie …

As you see me , nothing dey do me …


JJC crew ! Gba beeee !!!

Sent … Read More

15 set of people you must meet in 2015… 1.The encouragers- even in discouraging situations of life, these people keep you going with encouraging words; MAY YOU MEET THEM. 2.The … Read More

10 Sermons Most Young Ladies Will Likely Turn Deaf Ears To
1. Do Not Have A Boyfriend
Haaaaaaaa !!! This is a tough sermon oooo. I remembered vividly when we … Read More