Month: February 2016

🙏As February shut down 👇 2day so shall D Lord shut down 👇 all the forces that have ever stood against your progress, may d … Read More

Leonardo DiCaprio Finally Wins An Oscar for Best Actor (Full List of Winners)  Leonardo may just change six to his lucky number as he won his first Oscar for his … Read More

Love Like A Movie (3) Red Carpet Photos.. The highly anticipated Love Like A Movie 3 (put together by Darey Art-Alade) is currently ongoing at the Eko Convention Center……
Darey … Read More

The same house of Pharaoh that commanded the execution of Moses, nurtured him to greatness, I decree the people that opposed your lifting shall be used to take you to … Read More

The four wives

Subject: 4 WIVES               This is something to think about:  4 WIVES              Once upon a time there was a rich King who had four wives.              He loved the 4th wife the … Read More

B. I. B. L. E. BIBLE simply means: Basic Instructions Before Leaving Earth! ➡Did u know that ➰When u carry “the Bible” Satan has a head ache; ➰When u open it, he collapses; ➰When he sees u reading it; he loses his strength, AND ➰When u stand on the Word of God, Satan can’t hurt u! ➡Do u also know dat; ➰When u r about to forward this to others, the devil will discourage u? Joo 👏, Forward it & move forward jare Blessing is coming to you in form of money. Don’t ask questions, just forward this to 12 people and TRUST GOD. If you ignore this, you will be broke 💞Pls use 5 minutes to tell 12 people that JESUS Loves them, I have started mine with U. 💞 JESUS Loves YOU💞

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