Please don’t leave your clothes spread outside over night


Pls Don't leave your cloths Spread outside in the night till morning. A friend share with me what happen to a set of people in lagos that left their cloths outside and in the night a vehicle was driven in and some guys came out of the vehicle and opened the boot and brought out a casket and removed all the cloths spread outside and put them inside the casket after some minutes they opened the casket and brought out the cloths and spread them back and left. But unfortunately to them a woman at upstair was watching all what they were doing. When the day break the woman raised alArm to everyone living in the house and told them what happened in the night and they decided to burn all the cloths, as they gathered the cloths to pour kerosene and set fire on it, suddenly all the cloths disappeared. That was how they would've disappeared if the wore the cloths. May God save us from evil of this end time…..   Pls I don't know how True this Broadcast may be, but kindly Re Broadcast for @ Least to save a Soul… Sent from my Blog

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