The danger inherent in sugar consumption

🌈 *S U G A R I S*
*P O I S O N*

🌈1. First factory to manufacture sugar was established by the British in 1866.

🌈2. Indians used honey before this and seldom used to fall sick.

🌈3. To make sugar, sulphur is used, which is used in making fire crackers.
Sulphur is an element that, once it enters the body, it cannot be excerted from our body.

🌈4. Sugar increases cholesterol which is the main reason for heart attack.Sugar increases the weight of the body and thus we become fat.

🌈5. Sugar increases Blood Pressure. It is also the reason for Brain damaging clots.

🌈6. The sweetness in sugar is that of Sucrose, and this cannot be digested by human beings.

🌈7. To make sugar,
23 harmful ingredients / chemicals are used.

βœ” Sugar is one of main reasons for getting diabetes.

βœ” Sugar is the reason for burning in stomach.

βœ” Sugar increases the level of Triglycerides in body.

βœ” Sugar is the main reason for causing Paralysis.

βœ” Instead of sugar use HONEY.

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