Everyday I wake up by 4 : 00 am



Everyday I am up by 4:00am.
Thinking of other people's children.
Off to school to welcome other people's children.
Off to school to make sure other people's children are happy.
Off to school to make sure other people's children are learning.
Off to school to build lives.
Off to school to smile even when I don't feel like,  I must,  I do because I know lives depend on that smile.
Off to school to mark the register,  checking on every child to be sure all is well.
Off to school to play the role of a nanny,  yes my day is made playing that role well. Yet,  the society wants to See Me as poor.
They measure me by what I earn, not ready to make it better but just wanted to make me feel small……….. They try to compare me with professions I made because I choose to be who I am A TEACHER. They care less about making me the STAR that I am, suddenly I know better now….. Now I understand no man can make me feel small without my permission. No one has the right to define me,  I define myself. I am not who the society calls me,  I am who I call myself. I am the Nation BUILDER.
I am the helper of destiny.
I am A Star.
I am a moulder.
I am full of compassion.
I care.
I teach.
I help.
I discover.
I unfold.
I bring to light.
I AM A TEACHER. When next you think about me,  see my job beyond what you pay me,  look at the NATION I am building. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY.

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