A. life builder needs help.



*School fee inflation and delay*

Dear Life builder

It’s another season of the question time series

Remember I will always share the answers to these questions across the group…

Am sure your response will help others.

Here it is

*Good day to you all my esteemed school owners. I need suggestions on how to handle the following situations.*

*Some female parents are fond of collecting school fees of their children from their husbands and refusing to pay to the school or start paying in bits or wait until the children are taken out of the classrooms before they start begging for more time to pay.*

*Secondly, some do come to the school to collect school bills and inflate the tuition thereby making their husbands pay more than the normal tuition fee. They thereafter contact the school for a refund preferably in cash.*

*_Your advice please. Thank you Dear Life Builder_*

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