class 5 History Week 4 First Term

Topic : The Phoenicians Traders and Their Voyages

1 where was the country of Phoenicia
Ans= Phoenicia was on the Mediterranean Sea 🌊 
2. With which countries did the phobencisn trade? 
Ans = they traded with Rhodes, Sicily, Egypt, Spain and Cyprus
3. (à) What were the two most important famous articles made in Phoenicia 
    (b) Whatton cities were famous for these goods
Ans= (a) The two most famous articles made in Phoenicia were Glassware and purple dye.
         (b) the cities famous for these goods were Sidon and Tyre. 
4. What did the Phoenicians do when they become rich? 
Ans =  they built several colonies in the country with which they traded
5. Mention the most famous colony of Phoenicia 
Ans = it was the city of Carthage in North Africa 

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